Distribution Platform 

For people with world-shifting content, what is important is that it reaches those who  will  use it. We’re working on expanding our digital distribution platform to include live events and supporting our educational products with more tools. We are actively seeking out and growing our community of customers for educational content, whether for a classroom or for communities.  We are also providing tools and connections to move audiences to action, and to monitor our collective outcomes.

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Hybrid Distribution Options

If you have a film or any kind of educational content that you would like distributed – our platform may be a solution for you. If your film has a distributor, we can also offer sub-distribution services for your film to reach niche educational markets. 

If you are looking for progressive educational content, if you sign up as an educator to our mail list- we will let you know about every new title we offer as well as perks for being part of the Cool World family.