Promotion Engine  

 Why should the radical right have all the good tools?

Now you can build highly targeted audiences for your world-shifting film, collection or campaign. 

 Through anonymous behavioural tracking and analysis, the Cool World Platform helps you understand how your audiences interact with your content, and how you can act on this information.

  • Measure and track performance 
  • Build a seed audience from our collective database of over 3 billion content interactions from other campaigns similar to yours
  • Expand it into a re-targetable constantly growing database to benefit your next campaign, while collaborating with other like-minded communities.

When you manage your social media  ads with the Cool World platform you get a leg up while contributing to the greater good. 

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Fighting fake news with truth, transparency and love.

We are ferociously dedicated to protecting the privacy and upholding the strictest regulations for the use of data we gather from online promotions. We keep the data anonymous and won’t even give it to our clients. Through the app you can access relevant re-targetable lists – but we won’t let them be misused.